Retrofitting Existing Buildings

As a complement to retrofitting, additional economic benefits can be realized through the Viridity ConEd feeder relief program. This program couples real-time information and insight into the electricity market with advanced communication protocols that enable the customer to take advantage of an optimized system and realize economic benefit.

The Viridity “V-Power” system is integrated into the building management systems of 24 building in NYC with a combined curtailable load of 5.6 MWs. With a direct connection to ConEd, Viridity has the capability to support load relief allowing ConEd to respond to emergency events and maintain reliability for all its customers. Customers have the option to participate in a needed curtailment and participate in the NYISO energy and ancillary services market and realized revenue.

Wayside Energy Storage Systems

SEPTA, the Philadelphia subway system, has placed in service in 2012 a wayside battery storage system. It was expected the installation would reduce electricity consumption by about 10%. Viridity Energy proposed to SEPTA a grid connection for the facility, which was installed to sell services to PJM. SEPTA realizes the following annual revenues on the project which cost $1.8 million:

Capacity Services ————————–$6,424



Supply Savings—————————–$45,540



SEPTA is building a second Wayside Storage facility at another substation.