Retrofitting Existing Buildings

Buildings in densely populated NYC consume about one-third of the State’s electricity demand. Older buildings waste energy, and need to be retrofitted. Retrofitting needs to take a whole building approach where energy waste is eliminated by physical improvement to the building, its lighting system, and upgrades of the physical structure but also by improving energy efficiency by installing combined heat and power (CHP) facilities that produce usable heat energy to replace hot water boilers or other hot water uses, and low cost electricity from natural gas.

Urban Greenfit has just completed energy efficiency and sustainable energy upgrades for the Roosevelt Landings group of nine building with 1,000 apartments. The project is a $7.5 million effort, with a loan of $4.5 million from NYCEEC, NYSERDA grants, ConEd incentives, and equity from the owner.

The project effort reduced the building’s electricity bill by 18%, and materially improved the facility for the tenants.