Distributed Generation

Tecogen is a pioneer in power generation, supplying pre-assembled cogeneration facilities for several decades. In the past, these facilities were stand-alone units that provided a hospital, hotel, or manufacturing facility with a reliable source of low cost electricity because the units co-produced hot water that could also be used by the facility. Today combined heat and power (CHP) units become the local generation of electricity required to create a Distributed Generation systems.

Tecogen has incorporated an inverter with the CHP unit which allows the addition of electricity produced from solar to be combined with the unit without a battery to manage intermittency, and also to permit the “islanding” of a distributed generation system from the utility’s grid.

Tecogen provides an absorption chiller unit which uses the hot water to produce cold water for air conditioning systems, and had a gas fired chiller unit to replace inefficient electricity driven chiller units.

Energy Concepts installs Tecogen units such as the Phoenix Breverage 600 kw unit and the Toran high rise 500 kw unit. Energy Concepts also builds field erected CHP units such as the 5.6 MW facility for the Hudson Valley Community College.