About Us

Climate Change Mitigation Technologies LLC works with the leading CleanTech, Renewable Energy, and Smartgrid technology companies to deliver customized solutions that reduce energy cost and mitigate climate change.

In association with its multiple technology vendors, Climate Change Mitigation Technologies LLC works with communities, building owners, and commercial, industrial, and institutional facility owners to lower their energy costs and make their facilities energy resilient.

Projects include:

  • low cost electricity co-produced with usable heat energy in 80% to 90% efficient co-generation (CHP) facilities using natural gas
  • low cost chilled water for air conditioning systems using natural gas
  • local electricity production for distributed generation systems for commercial, industrial and institutional clients
  • microgrids using cogeneration and solar electricity to “island” facilities to create centers of refuge
  • energy storage in grid connected stationary lithium ion battery systems and/or zinc/aqueous electrolyte flow battery systems, providing ancillary services to the grid and to the capacity market
  • energy efficiency retrofits for privately owned buildings in commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional facilities
  • demand response/reduction and energy management systems for multifamily facilities
  • energy retrofits of high rise buildings
  • battery electric school buses
  • hybrid electric light duty fleet vehicles